Servicios Médicos Clínica San Francisco

We cover the following services:
Clinical Psychology
Official Medical Certificates
Clinical Analysis Laboratory (state-contracted):
Check-ups, blood tests, anaemia, cholesterol, prostate, blood glucose, urinary tract infections
24h ambulance service (state-contracted)
General Medicine
Medical certificates
Licence to carry weapons (Hunting, Sports shooting)
Clinical Analysis, service concerted
Urgencias 24h, Ambulancias
C/ Alfonso XIII, N 4, 1st Floor
In front of the bus station
29640 Fuengirola  (Málaga)
24 H
Servicio 24 h (Urgencias)
952 58 30 00
609 51 77 51
Monday to Friday
9:00 - 20:00
Saturdays  09:00-14:30
Sundays and bank Hollydays 952 58 30 00

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